Bold comes in many forms and stories, but for sure Sama Danesh who launched her namesake brand in 2017 in Harvey Nichols, is the epitome of same. 
Now her resort and swimwear has been worn by the likes of global icons like Paris Hilton and Kate Upton. 
Glamorous, warm and welcoming, Sama combines corset tailoring with her signature velvet fabrics, making for the most fabulous poolside figures. The brand oozes Hollywood glamour, giving us all the chance to feel and look stunning in the sunshine, especially in her radiant jewel tones. The female form and body positivity is truly embraced by Sama Danesh.

Brand aside, Sama's start in fashion was unpredicted.

Born in Iran and growing up in Sweden, Sama worked in tech and studied computer science at university before making what for many would have been an unlikely segue into swimwear.

Since starting her company in 2016, she's committed to the rigour of sketching, fabric selection and sourcing, supply chain logistics, photoshoots, press management, influencers and much much more, juggling the intense reality of entrepreneurship with the outward veneer of luxury lifestyle. Whilst the swimwear in glamorous, business days can be less's simply hard work that get's you this far. 

Her six swimwear years have proved an education, so we were delighted for her to share 5 Advices for anyone thinking to make a career switch and dive into the unknown...  

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